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The Stories

Woven Ink

This series isolates the imagery and scripted narratives so many choose to tell with their bodies, inked into permanence. The serve as pictures of the past and reminders for the future.

Woven Mornings

This series observes the curious rituals of people observing the early light. They invite food and dwelling to awaken meaning behind each meal, space, and tradition.

Selected Films

Featured Blog Posts


Pascale Kohl

Fiber and textile artist Pascale Kohl carries collage onto the canvas her with a colorful and versatile style.


Anne-Marie Kavulla

New York based weaver Anne-Marie Kavulla shares her inspiration from dance, community, and a cultural heritage she’s carrying forward.


Celina Muire

Austin-based woodworker Celina Muire talks to us about process, pyrography, and the perfectly imperfect nature of making by hand.



A meal out-of-doors in Mt. Hood, OR with two of Portland’s finest foodies.