J.M. Generals

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As far as American Made products go, we tend to think of things made my hand and somewhere on American soil as you might guess, but how often do we consider the source of the raw materials used in such products? Recently we’ve been digging deeper than ever before into the things we buy, down to the nitty-gritty of supply chains around the world. While complete novices still, we were exceedingly grateful to hear from New York based designer Jeffrey Monteiro of J.M. Generals. J.M. Generals has committed to domestically sourcing materials for their entire line of products, including something a little extra special: American Cashmere.

Although cashmere is one of the dreamiest natural fabrics on earth, it isn’t ordinarily considered an American product, much less sourced in America. For thousands of years, cashmere was manufactured in Mongolia, Nepal, and Kashmir, India, sheared and separated into two distinct type of fibers found on cashmere producing goats. Raw cashmere is today primarily sourced from China, the world’s leading producer at about 10,000 metric tons per year.

But J.M. Generals has found their own source. What began as a research journey to find the few remaining woolen mills in the U.S. for custom fabrics made with American fibers led to a much more exciting discovery. Instead of the the mill, Jeffrey stumbled upon a small group of independent farmers hosting cashmere-producing goats, with bloodlines tracing back to their Australian, South American and Asian predecessors.

Inspired by the farmers’ ethics of treatment and excellence in producing these fibers as well as their kindness towards the goats themselves, J.M. Generals created a line of blankets, throws, and other comforts designed to accentuate their natural tenderness. Each American Cashmere item is made with fibers combed by hand, naturally dyed, and made to last a lifetime. We had the elite pleasure of parading through a chilly Pacific Northwest forest with these beauties, experiencing firsthand their luxuriant warmth and comfort and can only hope to do so again soon. Find your own at J.M. Generals!