Weaver House Co.

Zigzag Black

In this month’s issue, we have the pleasure of introducing Rachel Snack, the founder of Weaver House Co. A New Jersey native and a long-time Chicagoan now attending graduate school in Philadelphia, PA, she’s “fully textile designer and weaver, half conservator,” making a name for herself preserving and popularizing a very specific breed of antique: fabric.

It all started in college, but not like you might expect. It was there, yes, that Rachel inadvertently fell in love with weaving, but started out intent on becoming a painter. Fortunately, her first semester as an art student began in heartbreak when she discovered that every last introductory art class was full. Understandably frustrated, her admissions counselor fused impulse and logic, swiftly placing her instead in Fiber Arts. Needless to say, she never looked back.

Rachel began her company shortly after returning from a six month artist residency in Peru, where she designed a line of hand woven textiles that a team of native weavers in Peru then constructed. Living in Peru made it impossible to think of returning to any typical nine-to-five, and it just so happened that she returned with an armful of her exotically inspired rugs to start something new.

After an incredibly recent launch in last September, Weaver House Co. is already making it’s mark on textile design. It’s a passion project turned revolution in the weaving world, wherein she utilizes one-of-a-kind pristine antique textiles to create an array of pieces to wear, use, or display as you would a piece of art. Indeed, each one is.

Take a moment to get to know Rachel’s process and witness an upfront look at the intricacy of loom weaving in our film collection. After that, make sure to visit her site, Weaver House Co. and shop this rare union of vintage relic and modern design. Particularly divine are her most recent handmade items, a line of scarves inspired by sea and space landscapes.