Kyle Steed

Shaping an Identity

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When I see public art, I’m struck by how much bigger it is than me, and that’s true of art itself. It’s bigger than all of us.

__Kyle Steed

Known primarily as a Public Artist, Kyle is an illustrator, designer, painter, husband, and father who with raw honesty and a patchwork of self-awareness he challenges himself to interconnect these roles. Though committed to his public work for big names like Mt. Dew and HP, his personal work mirrors not just a facet of his interest and expertise, but embodies the balance of their totality. His story is built around an examination of belonging, and the discipline of an intimate practice.

The evolution of his expressive work began as an unconscious therapy, a journal of contour and color that twist and interlock. It’s a sort of anthropology of his path into art, beginning as a young directionless twenty-something, to a stint in the Air Force, to his beginnings as a freelance designer. Art and its practice has become a refuge, a canvas on which to grapple with his deepest insecurities and questions about himself.

After dropping out of an Art and Design program in Ft. Worth, Texas, Kyle knew very little about how to get himself into a creative career.  Enlisting in the Air Force was a sort of last resort that became a defining period of self-discovery. “Even with my creative aspirations at the time, I had no idea how to execute them. Maybe I didn’t know myself well enough, but the technology for teaching myself and sharing my work effectively wasn’t really there yet, either.” So it was off to basic, then to intensive courses in Morse code and signal analysis. “It was super boring, honestly, but more than anything taught me about perseverance and overcoming obstacles.”

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