Woven’s Morning

A Look at Our Early Hours

Zigzag Black

For all we know, you could be reading this at 1:00 AM and be dreading tomorrow morning. Our guess is that you fall into one of two categories: those who hate the sound of the alarm so much that you rarely bother to set one, and those who live to smell fresh coffee before the sun comes up. Regardless of where you fall in the spectrum, Woven Mornings welcomes you to recline just enough to take in the table we’ve prepared.

This series is devoted to illuminating the way in which people choose to use food and the comforts of their dwelling to create visual and savory extensions of themselves. If you’re not yet awake enough to wrap your mind around that sentence just yet, it simply means that we care about ritual. We care about the everyday, the seemingly mundane chore of life. You could say we are a little bewitched by the liturgy of everyday life. Our delight is to see the ordinary celebrated, to the point at which the ordinary is unveiled. In Woven Mornings, we are allowed to peer into the lives of strangers or friends who take the raw materials of habitual tasks of the home, and daily transform them into something beautiful, by the simple will to enjoy the moments rather than pass them by.

To us, Mornings represent a decisive span of time we are given each day. If you haven’t already, experiment this morning or the next with this supposition. As soon as you can meander into a bleary awareness of your surroundings, and awaken to the dire need to locate something minty or otherwise fresh, take an extra bundle of seconds to encounter the choice. It presents itself anew everyday, but becomes so regrettably effortless to miss. The choice, of course, is how you will approach this day. In you Mind Palace of chores and appointments, it is easily left drowning in the moat. But if you can arrive at the very least at an awareness of this choice, you will perhaps begin to want to make one, for better, or for worse.

If you, for instance, decide to defer to the sore, lazy, dehydrated beast that hides within all of us, you can in fact live out your day like-mindedly, and without alarming recognition from anyone around you that anything about you has changed. You are looked on upon as “in a bad mood.” Wherever that originated, we are not entirely sure. But it will pass, presumably, without a reason to remember why it began.

This would be just alright with us, of course, except that it supplants everything that our Mornings stand for. The intentionality, the source-seeking is waved off, making it impossible to find the root of these recurring bad moods and dig it up, just like a weed.


On the other side of the bed floats a garden of still, quiet air and a shard of breaking light. This direction moves you to – dare we say – a sunnier disposition. If you allow it, the stillness influences your heart rate, your thought pattern, and your reception to the duty of rolling out of bed. At the very least, let it have it’s day in the court of your consciousness. When the rabble rousers (otherwise known as your newly stiffening twenty or thirty-something joints) chime in, you will already have made up your mind, not to mind. The day is already different. And you haven’t even had coffee yet.

Oh, but let’s do have coffee.

Depending on your personal preference, which I cannot bring myself to concede both of which are right, you have by now brushed, washed whatever you intend to, and are now stand still in your kitchen. You debate grabbing your keys and making it to Starbucks before the line winds out the door like a 1930’s bread line. Too cold for that, today, you sigh. Fortunately, having decided before rising that this day would indeed turn out favorable, your mind begins to improvise. There is that leftover crust of bread, and one fourth of a timely ripe avocado still left from the other day. And yes, there is afterall enough coffee to stay in for a bit and BIY (Brew It Yourself, people). Eureka!

When the pour is over, what do you do with all of this time you have afforded yourself by rising earlier than the standard five before you walk out the door? Newspapers are sadly rarely found in modern homes; there is the worldly wire on online. But perhaps, not today. Today you wonder, where is that book I’ve been meaning to catch up on? Or how about nesting on that porch you have that faces east, where you can see the sun slowly roll back the covers on everything in the neighborhood.


Though we’ve only just met, I would love to invite you to join us at our table. This morning, my husband makes the coffee as usual in his beloved Chemex, while I busily spoon batter into an assembly of my non-stick soldiers. We both take forever; and why not? It’s our time to work in quiet harmony, letting our hands and looks across the room take over the conversation for a little while. He pours me my favorite mug of something chocolatey and floral, which he knows of which I prefer the aroma over the actual. I swoon and sip, just before dousing it with my soy French vanilla creamer like a house on fire. He shakes his head at the child he can’t make grow up, and leans over to kiss my sick little brain.

When my doughnuts decorously spring back to the touch, I ice and sprinkle them to my hearts content, then join in the light reading. Today it’s a violent autobiography of a equal rights advocate, or some philosophical nonfiction summoning us to love the land as we do ourselves. Either way, I will be challenged and engrossed before it is time to leave.

Maybe you aren’t like us. Maybe mornings are a drag because of work, or the pain of an illness or loss, or you’re emotionally drained when you wake up. We all have to face another day, but for some, it can truly be a struggle just to let go of the pillow. It may be the only softness you experience in your day. The point to this series is that, in spite of everything, we believe that life should be celebrated for life’s sake – for your sake. We don’t claim to understand every painful circumstance, or what it may feel like to wake up with the knowledge that your day will not be good for some insurmountable reason. But if you are free and unburdened enough to make your own decisions about what you will eat or not eat for breakfast, we implore you to exercise your right to enjoy it to the full. Make it yourself, or go someplace special once in awhile. Enjoy it in the peace of solitude, or the comfort of a good friend. We confess that not every morning is full of confection and home brewed coffee, but we make it our responsibility to learn from the experts. From them we acquire a deeper obligation to peace, patience, and mindfulness. We begin to look closer at the rest of our days with the same care.

We implore you try these things: discipline your mind to be thankful when you first awake. Scour the breadth of your existence and pick out the things that give your life meaning, and remind yourself how precious it is to possess such treasure. Make a cup of coffee at home to share with a book or a good friend. And finally, determine in your heart and mind to make today everything that it can be. Be kind to those who haven’t taken up the mantle of enjoying life. Our thoughts determine our actions. And as much as they may seem frantic, scattered, or negative, we do have the choice. Your mind belongs to you, and if you have a thought you don’t like, you have the power to stop it short, before it sees another sunrise. Think often, think early; think different.