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Fueling A New Frontier

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They are to him as personal as journals, as reckless as love, and as free and wild as the open road

__Chris Brown

At first glance, his blue, fire and ice eyes suggest a poet, or a wrestler of bears, perhaps even both. A legendary grayed beard divulges the years proudly across the span of his chin, only to be overcome by an ageless grin. His name, of course, is Chris Brown.

With the fortitude of deep blue, selvedge denim, Chris is a man marked by his work. Raised in the era of grit and groovy, he isn’t the kind you’ll find behind a desk or in some soft, swiveling leather chair. After decades spent on the road, shakin’ and stirrin’ up the dust, it isn’t in him to settle on a life less-lived, or abandon the heritage entrusted to him. He’s made a career of seeking out the highest names in American craft, and along the way befriend the courageous folks he finds standing behind them. He’s collected their stories, and a few of his own tall tales, around campfires or over tin cups of whiskey, to share them with the world through the pages of his culminated life’s work: Refueled Magazine.

As the publisher of his own magazine, and a higher authority of American-made goods than we can ever hope to be, it was difficult to tell at times who was interviewing who. Contrary to his otherwise formidably rugged persona, Chris is a man of remarkable humility and enduring loyalty. The craft he’s forged is one we are personally inspired by, and honored to share. Like smoldering coals the morning after a nightlong campfire, our time with him began in ardent admiration, and ended over the embers of a friendship just begun.

Refueled celebrates adventurers of all kinds, and the journey Chris is on to find them. First and foremost, it is a personal journal, archiving a brand, a lifestyle, and above all, adventurism. Between the bright lights of a city stage and dusty, quiet trails, he’s spent a lifetime embodying what it means to Explore America, amassing a treasure trove of artifacts that reflect a man possessed by connection, truth, and beauty. Through Refueled, he offers himself as a standard of the modern frontiersman, chasing the life he loves like news of gold.

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